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Villa Dragoni stands on the foothills of Buttrio surrounded by green vineyards, set against the background of the profiles of the imposing mountains. Villa Dragoni dates back to 1600, and has been renovated by Mrs. Marina Danieli who tried to maintain and enhance its artistic peculiarities.  The first floor of the villa is the noble floor, the villa’s reception area, totally frescoed with works by Canal and Chiarottini. The façade of the central body has four semi-columns, which support a large pediment; the front staircase leads to the Putti hall, the main hall on the main floor.  The ground floor was once used as a cellar and still maintains its rustic character, with its stone walls and exposed wooden beams.  The house is surrounded by a park with ancient trees, an oasis of peacefulness surrounded by a seductive atmosphere of the past. The stand-alone annex to the villa is in a neighbouring area.

Villa Dragoni esterno

The complex has been owned by Mrs.  Marina Danieli since 1985 and restoration work began in 1998. All structural interventions have been chosen with the utmost respect for the building, trying to preserve its integrity.  The recovery of the frescoes took three years to complete because during the Second World War the villa was first home to the German troops, who according to witnesses were careful not to ruin them, then it was occupied by American soldiers who unfortunately did not have as much respect: in fact, they not only covered all the frescoes with paint, but also writing with red lettering and even used some walls to play darts.

Villa Dragoni


Villa Dragoni (1600) is located in Buttrio surrounded by green vineyards. The main floor, the reception area, is frescoed by Canal and Chiarottini. The ground floor, on the other hand, has a rustic character.  The house is surrounded by a park, an oasis of peacefulness surrounded by the atmosphere of the past.