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Rosa and Igor live separately in a house full of memories and only unite to deceive their daughter Nadia, who (maybe) still believes they are together. Due to past events, like the death of their daughter Maya, Rosa no longer knows what to do with herself. Not even Nadia’s marriage can shake her: her husband Igor, a Slovenian who loves the sea as much as his lost daughter, says: “Rosa wants to be with the dead, not the living.”
Igor and Maja’s connection with the sea of could only be represented in a place like Barcola, a district between Roiano and Miramare Castle. This promenade is very popular with the people of Trieste who like to go for long strolls and swim there in summer. Barcola hosts the headquarters of the Società Velica di Barcola and Grignano, which created the “Autumn Cup” regatta in 1969, known by everyone as the Barcolana: thousands of sails challenging each other on the Gulf. The whole story is told in the book “Barcolana – a sea of stories”, information about which can be found on the official website:




Katja Colja


Elisa Amoruso, Katja Colja, Tania Pedroni


Lunetta Savino, Boris Cavazza, Anita Kravos, Simonetta Solder