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The charm of Marano Lagunare’s casoni – real pile dwellings built at the mouth of the Stella River with wood, straw and natural materials – has not remained hidden from Italian filmmakers. Among them, one of the most famous, Mario Monicelli, decided to film the comedy Bertoldo, Bertoldino and Cacasenno, the third adaptation of Giulio Cesare Croce’s play of the same name, in this very area. Once the homes of fishermen during their work, today these evocative structures, which can be reached by boat excursions organized by Marano tourist activities, are state-owned, that is, owned by the municipality, so they cannot be purchased or modified by private individuals, and they retain the appearance of tradition: rectangular plan with rounded corners, both in the perimeter and the roof, and covering in marsh reed, which, in the lagoon, grows in abundance. The interior is made of clay or rammed earth, with a single exit and a hearth and bedding in the center. Find out more by clicking HERE!