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Audi A4 quattro edition

Two episodes of the advertising campaign were shot in Trieste. The first in the Boschetto (woods) or rather the Farneto Park: 915,400 square meters, overlooking the district of San Giovanni and stretching from San Luigi to Melara to Rio Farneto. Even during the wars, weekend outings to the Boschetto were a custom of the Triestini. The park, which was renovated in 2000 with the recovery of historical paths and the creation of rest areas, is open to the public and well-served by public transport. The second episode is shot on the Molo Audace Pier with a reporter in search of the Bora, which unfortunately he can’t find. The pier is in fact the place where the famous Bora wind, which is typical of Trieste, demonstrates its formidable power. It is not uncommon to see some brave souls pit themselves against the Bora, but not without consequences…




Valentina Be°