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Discover Udine with the Far East Film Festival

From April 21-29, 2023, Europe’s largest festival dedicated to popular Far Eastern cinema returns to Udine: the Far East Film Festival.
As many as 78 films will star this year: including 9 world premieres, 13 international, 14 European and 23 Italian.
On the red carpet we will see three cult directors parading: Hong Kong’s Johnnie To, Japan’s Watanabe Hirobumi and Korea’s Jang Sun-woo. Receiving the Golden Mulberry for Lifetime Achievement will be legendary Japanese actress Baisho Chieko.
Visiting Udine, the city of Tiepolo, thus becomes an opportunity for film lovers and fans of the Asian world. For 9 days, in addition to the films, numerous side events are scheduled in the heart of the city: the most anticipated one is the Far East Cosplay Contest, scheduled for b
To browse a preview of the program of the 25th Far East Film Festival here is the link >>>