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Abbazia as a set for the TV series “Hotel Portofino”

The British TV series Hotel Portofino, set in 1926 in the wonderful Ligurian town of Portofino, chose Abbazia as a filming set. The pearl of Kvarner, the bay and tourist riviera of the north Croatia, has already been set up with all the necessary equipment. At the moment they are filming a new episode of Hotel Portofino: the family drama with thriller contours, full of twists and adrenaline.

The cast, which also includes the famous Italian actor Daniele Pecci and Rocco Fasano from Skam Italia, is housed in the Liburnia Riviera Hotels: the largest hotel chain in Kvarner. This is an opportunity not to be missed for Abbazia and for Croatia in general, to raise awareness of  its beauties and its wonderful sea.

The choice of this location is not accidental. Abbazia is very rich in terms of nature, architecture and history and its relaxed atmosphere reminds of the most famous Italian tourist resorts.

The series will air in 2022 and will be available to British ITV, American PBS, Foxtel Australia and Sky Italia subscribers.