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The Grand Hotel Astoria is located in the historic centre of Grado, a few metres from the sea, between the charm of the remains of the Roman era and the wide avenues of the centre lined with Habsburg-style buildings.
We have created the perfect combination of the charm of a historic 4-star hotel and the comfort of home. Harmony between tradition and modernity, this is what we mean by Well-Being.
In addition to the classic restaurant, there is the panoramic and exclusive restaurant “Settimo Cielo” (Seventh Heaven) located on the 7th floor with a wonderful view of the sea, the old city, and the beautiful lagoon where you can savour the fragrance of local products creatively combined by the Chef.


The Grand Hotel Astoria was established in the early 1900s when Grado was still a holiday destination for the Habsburgs and the Central European nobility, under the name of Hotel Lido.

The hotel has known both splendour and glory, being among other things, home to the local Casino. Completely renovated in 1991, it continues its role as a stylish hotel in Grado, ranking at the top for quality and elegance, and standing out for the comprehensiveness of its services.

Grand Hotel Astoria

Grado (Gorizia)

Flair and Style in the centre of Grado.
The values of hospitality are part of us and of our territory.