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La fortuna di Laura

The life of Laura, a successful interior designer who raised her daughter Emma alone, spoiling her and sending her to study abroad, takes a sharp turn when her clandestine affair with the husband of her most important client is discovered. In an instant, the woman loses her home, money, reputation and job. Help comes from her former maid, Agnese, who hosts her at her home where her brother Fabrizio already lives after his separation. Laura, replacing her benefactor after she suffered a small accident in her job as a housekeeper, will be able to rethink her values, rediscover the relationship with her daughter and rediscover love.

The main location for the film is Trieste. In fact, Piazza Unità d’Italia, which appears in all its splendour in some scenes, is unmistakable. The beating heart of the city, the square has changed names several times, to be known by its current one after 1918, the year the province was included into Kingdom of Italy. The square has been modernized in several moments over time: its current appearance is the result of the latest renovation, which took place between 2001 and 2005, when the Fountain of the Four Continents was moved back to its original location, in front of the town hall. Part of the film was shot in the Barcola Riviera, a long promenade that runs along the sea, where many Triestini – and not only – sunbathe in the summer and take a nice refreshing dip in the sea.  The Barcolana, the famous regatta held every year in October and attracting many sailing enthusiasts to the Julian capital, takes its name from this area!




Alessandro Angelini


Eleonora Fiorini, Anna Mittone, Pietro Seghetti


Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Emanuela Grimalda, Andrea Pennacchi, Ilaria Rossi, Astra Lanz