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Piccolo Corpo

Young Agata, an inhabitant of a fishing island in the North-East, experienced a terrible loss: her little girl died before she could be baptized. In the absence of breath, in fact, this sacrament cannot be administered. The child will therefore be condemned to remain in Limbo in eternity. To avoid this fate for her daughter, the girl will embark on a long and dangerous journey, taking her from the sea to the mountains, to find whoever can awaken her new-born just for one breath, time enough to baptize her. She will be accompanied on her journey by Lince, a wild and solitary young man, with a profound knowledge of the territory they will be crossing and a secret history to hide. The film, directed by Laura Samani, winner of the David di Donatello as best debut director, was shot in many places in Friuli Venezia Giulia.  Lince’s home village and the woods around it, for example, are none other than the Stavoli di Orias, in Val Pesarina, one of the most fascinating valleys in Friuli Venezia Giulia. These are typical rural buildings in the Carnia area, used as a support point for animals and shepherds when moving towards the mountain pastures; the buildings in Orias, twelve in all, were built between the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. In this corner of the Friulian mountains, a short walk away, time seems to have stopped. The temple Agatha reaches at the end of the journey, however, is the sum of two different sanctuaries: the interior is that of the church of San Martino Vescovo in Luincis, one of the many hamlets of Ovaro, in Carnia, while the exterior is that of the sanctuary of San Simeone, in Bordano, a town famous for its butterflies, to which a very interesting museum has been dedicated.




Laura Samani


Elisa Dondi, Laura Samani, Marco Borromei


Celeste Cescutti, Ondina Quadri