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Il Re

One of the first prison dramas filmed in Italy, this series stars Luca Zingaretti as Bruno, an implacable director of a border prison – the San Michele – in which he exercises the role of absolute sovereign and implacable judge, holder of the truth about good and evil, beyond any court or code of criminal procedure. Outside the facility, however, he is a man whose life is derailed, punctuated by suffering, including his daughter’s illness and the separation from his ex-wife. Even within the prison walls, Bruno’s kingdom risks collapsing and that will be the moment he will have to fight his most difficult battle.

Trieste, alongside Turin, is among the locations for the film. Some scenes are shot inside the Caffè San Marco, one of the oldest historic cafes in the city: founded in 1914, it witnessed all the great events of the twentieth century that affected North-East Italy. Today it is also a restaurant and bookshop; exhibitions and cultural events are often hosted there .

The cavity of the San Michele is instead the basement of Magazzino 26, home of the Scientific Imaginary, an interactive and experimental museum, engaged in the dissemination and teaching of science. The exhibition invites visitors to touch, try, and explore: both the young and old are involved in an immersive journey, leading them through play to discover the wonders of our planet and of technology.




Giuseppe Gagliardi


Stefano Bises, Peppe Fiore, Bernardo Pellegrini, Davide Serino


Luca Zingaretti, Isabella Ragonese, Anna Bonaiuto,  Barbora Bobuľová, Giorgio Colangeli