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La porta rossa 3

This third season of the series “The Red Door”, once again and for the last time, stars Commissioner Cagliostro as a central character; the man, who became a ghost after being killed in the first part of the story, has not yet managed to cross the red door, hence the title to the fiction, the border between the kingdom of the living and the kingdom of the dead. An investigation unfolds during the episodes that leads the protagonist to unearth new and shocking truths, but also to find the peace that he has long desired.


The series is full of thrilling moments: one of these was shot on the Delfino Verde motorboat, the service managed by Trieste Trasporti that connects Trieste to several seaside resorts on the coast, such as Muggia, Sistiana, Miramare and Barcola. It is an alternative to land transport, providing an enjoyable view of the gulf, away from the road traffic. Motor boats can also be rented for excursions and educational itineraries.


The Napoleonic Road is also framed in the series, a three-kilometre walk on the edge of the Karst, sunny and sheltered from the Bora. It is a simple route, almost entirely flat, which offers spectacular views of the city and the Gulf of Trieste: an ideal destination for young and old alike! The beginning of the path is also characterized by several vertical rock walls, where climbers can train on routes of different degrees of difficulty.




Gianpaolo Tescari 


Sofia Assirelli, Carlo Lucarelli, Giampiero Rigosi


Lino Guanciale, Gabriella Pession, Valentina Romani