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“L’angelo dei muri”: a movie by Lorenzo Bianchini set in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Lorenzo Bianchini’s film “L’angelo dei muri” had its special premiere at the Ariston Cinema in Trieste on Thursday, May 12.

The feature film, produced by Tucker Film together with Rai Cinema and MYmovies, is set in Trieste and was shot between San Vito al Torre and the Trieste neighborhood of Roiano.

Lorenzo Bianchini chose Trieste to tell the story of Pietro and the order of eviction that forces him to live hidden in his house. “L’angelo dei muri” is a dark fable made by sequence shots and silences, a film immersed in a obscure Trieste that breathes through the cold wind called “Bora”.

The director of photography Peter Zeitlinger points out, the feature film was shot in a large villa in the Friulian countryside. Thanks to the magic of cinema, the location was immersed in the city of Trieste. 

The decadent apartment on the top floor of an old Austro-Hungarian palace is the setting of the story of the main character and the new tenants.

The city of Trieste surrounds the exterior of the apartment and perfectly matches the torment and sadness of the protagonist. This is not the first time that Trieste has been portraied in such a dark hue, and it’s not even the first time the city is used as a background for difficult stories like Pietro’s.

The great Pierre Richard stars in the feature together with Slovenian actress Iva Krajnc Bagola. 

Speaking about the film, the director commented: 

“L’angelo dei muri is a game of projection between the audience and the protagonist. We will be close to him with the camera. His eyes will become those of the viewer.”

The film was made thanks to the the collaboration of workers living in our region and produced with the support of MiC, FVG Film Commission, Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del FVG and RE-ACT.

The feature film, which had its world premiere at the Turin Film Festival, is being released in theaters in Friuli Venezia Giulia on May 19 and throughout Italy on June 9.

For a taste of the plot, here’s the trailer for the film: “L’angelo dei muri trailer”