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Solo un uomo

This title track of Niccolò Fabi’s album, ‘Solo un uomo’ was shot entirely in Trieste. The song tells the story of an ‘everyman’ who can live in any city.
For this reason Fabi chose Trieste, which, despite its strong identity, is recognizable but at the same time ‘mistakable’. A curious fact: the song was rejected in the selection for the Sanremo Festival in 2009 because it was considered too sad and melancholic. We can recognize the locations between the interior and the terrace of the former Seamen’s mission – Casa del Lavoratore Portuale, now home to the Casa del Cinema, the waterfront and the exterior of Palazzo Carciotti, built in the late eighteenth century by the Greek businessman Demetrio Carciotti and designed by the architect Matteo Pertsch. Its dimensions are impressive: 100 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is currently being restored.




Giangi Magnoni

Nicolò Fabi