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The Girl and the General

During the First World War, after the defeat at Caporetto, a soldier called Tarasconi captures an Austrian general. Aided by the young Ada, a local peasant, he decides to take him to his superiors to get a gold medal and the prize of 1000 lire. An unlikely friendship develops between the three of them.
The exteriors of the film were shot on the Karst near Pesek and in the Rosandra Valley, in Resia, in Cividale, Pertegada di Latisana, Palazzo dello Stella and Venzone, a town which after being struck by an earthquake became a kind of ideal permanent soundstage for shooting any film related to the First World War. A curious fact: the camerman and the pilot ,while filming some aerial shots above Palazzolo dello Stella from a biplane, crashed, fortunately without suffering serious injury.




Pasquale Festa Campanile


Lucia Malerba, Pasquale Festa Campanile


Virna Lisi, Umberto Orsini, Rod Steiger