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Gli Ultimi

The film deals with the hard life of the peasant families in the Friuli in the 1930s, through the eyes of Checo, a young shepherd boy who is constantly mocked by his classmates who nickname him ‘scarecrow’, because of his appearance. An isolated, poor and depressed land, Friuli views its condition as a value, not a shame. ‘Gli Ultimi’ was first released in 1963 and was greeted with curiosity as the first feature film shot entirely in Friuli by professionals. There were many controversies as many saw this as showing Friuli in a bad light. This is why it has been shown so little. Among the locations there are: the countryside of Coderno di Sedagliano, the Udine-Cividale railway line where a vintage steam train was put back in service for the occasion, Fagagna, the mill in Glaunicco and Villa Manin in Passariano, residence of the last Doge of Venice and today hosting exhibitions and events.




Vito Pandolfi


Vito Pandolfi, David Maria Turoldo


Adelfo Galli, Lino Turoldo, Margherita Tonino, Vera Pescarolo, Riedo Puppo, Elio Ciol, Laura De Cecco