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The Best Offer

The film’s protagonist, Virgil Oldman, is an eccentric genius, and art expert, known and appreciated all over the world. He always runs away from feelings, until a mysterious woman invites him to her villa to make a valuation. It is to be the beginning of a relationship that will change his life forever.
Music by Ennio Morricone. Tornatore chose Trieste again, showing the Prefecture building and the Chamber of Commerce, Piazza Oberdan and the area of Largo Panfili with the Lutheran Church. Also chosen was ITIS, a public organisation for needy individuals, it is a historical institution founded in the 1800s to support the underpriviledged. Today it re-discovers and exhibits its art collections, donated over the years by artists and benefactors, to the public. Most of the scenes are actually filmed in the picturesque seventeenth century villa Colloredo-Mels-Mainardi-Bianchi in Gorizzo di Camino al Tagliamento, one of the major Venetian style houses that still exists in Friuli, it was built from 1648-49 and was the former home of Earl Ermes.




Giuseppe Tornatore


Giuseppe Tornatore


Donald Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks