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The Power Of The Past

Sergio, forty years old and writer of books for children, lives in ‘his’ completely ordered world. After the death of his father, a strange character bursts into his life overturning all his certainties and leaving him with unanswered questions.
The director chose Trieste for its past and its history. What better place to represent a frontier territory, a border crossing pulsating with spies? The result is a city more lived-in and less postcard-like. Among the locations sighted Grado, the sunny island and the Cemetery of Sant’Anna in Trieste. In its avenues, almost like in a open-air museum, creations of local sculptors from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are to be found. Nearby, there are the cemeteries for Protestants, Jews, Greeks, Serbian Orthodox, Muslims, which have been here for 150 years. Trieste is multiethnic even in the afterlife.




Piergiorgio Gay


Lara Fremder, Piergiorgio Gay


Sergio Rubini, Bruno Ganz, Sandra Ceccarelli, Valeria Moriconi, Giuseppe Battiston