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A kiss

Based on the novel of the director Ivan Cotroneo, it tells the story of Lorenzo, Antonio and Blu. A film about adolescence, about first times, the pursuit of happiness, bullying and homophobia. On social mores and habits that prevent, especially the youngsters, from being happy. The director films between Udine, Cividale and Palmanova. The locations in Friuli are enhanced by an Oscar-winning cinematographer: Luca Bigazzi, the one of “La grande bellezza” (The Great Beauty). Among the locations in Udine there is Piazza 1° Maggio. Its name was always Zàrdin or Zàrdin Grant (Garden or Big Garden in Friulian) until 1945 when it took its present name to commemorate Labor Day. The square lies at the foot of Castle Hill, which the legend says is the result of the excavation of Attila’s soldiers, who wanted to erect a hill from where their king could see the burning of Aquileia. In 1808, under the French, it hosted a guillotine, which was often used.




Ivan Cotroneo


Ivan Cotroneo


Rimau Grillo Ritzberger, Valentina Romani, Leonardo Pazzagli