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Go Where Your Heart Takes You

Olga, an elderly woman, lives with her husband Ernesto, her daughter Ilaria and her granddaughter Marta. Born and raised on the Karst, she has a life of suffering and family dramas. She writes a letter to her granddaughter in America, tracing her life, describing her feelings and telling some secrets.
Cristina Comencini chose Trieste and Opicina for his film which compares three generations of women. Olga writes the letter from the town of Villa Opicina, but the events are recounted in the city. We recognize Miramare Castle, the park of Basovizza, Samatorza and Monrupino, where you can still today visit a real Karstic House (Kraška Hiša). Here, in odd years from the last Tuesday in August and until the Sunday, the Karstic Wedding (Kraška Ohcet) is held. An event that involves the whole village, during which a complex and typical ceremony dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century is repeated. This is one way to preserve and pass on to future generations the ancient local traditions.




Cristina Comencini


Cristina Comencini, Roberta Mazzoni


Virna Lisi, Margherita Buy, Galatea Ranzi, Valentina Chico, Massimo Ghini