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The English Patient

During the Second World War, a young Hungarian pilot is found disfigured by burns. He remembers neither his name nor his past. For everyone he is the English Patient. He is looked after by Hana, a young French-Canadian nurse, in an old ruined monastery where everything is to acquire a meaning and a name.
In a brief scene the director Minghella uses the Old Port – Porto Vecchio of Trieste to represent the port of Tobruk in North Africa, in June 1942 when it was conquered by the Germans. Today Porto Vecchio is still awaiting redevelopment and is open to the public just to get to Warehouse 26, a venue for exhibitions, and the Hydrodynamic Power Station, now open to visitors after a thorough restoration. It produced energy for all the buildings and facilities of the area through a network of high-pressure pipes that reached every part of the Port.




Anthony Minghella


Michael Ondaatje, Anthony Minghella


Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Jurgen Prochnow