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The Confessions of Zeno

The Confessions of Zeno is a TV movie based on the novel by Italo Svevo. True to the novel, it analyzes the psychology of Zeno Cosini, who is ‘sick’ and unfit to live. Through multiple attempts, Zeno seeks the path of healing, only to get the opposite effect.
Shot entirely in Trieste, the birthplace of the writer, the film manages to capture the hidden corners of this fascinating city. For lovers of literature and especially the books and the characters of Italo Svevo, walking through the streets of Trieste will be like being the protagonist of his novels. Some of the sets: the Napoleonic Road, Monrupino, a small town on the Trieste Karst, Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, the Opera Theatre ‘Giuseppe Verdi’, the first Italian theatre dedicated to the Italian composer, the Grand Canal, in the heart of the city, originally longer than it is now, which was used in the 1800s for loading and unloading goods.




Sandro Bolchi


Dante Guardamagna, Tullio Kezich


Johnny Dorelli, Ottavia Piccolo, Eleonora Brigliadori, Andrea Giordana, Sergio Fantoni, Alain Cuny, Ariella Reggio, Mario Maranzana, Orazio Bobbio, Mimmo Lo Vecchio