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007 James Bond The Living Daylights

In the movie ‘007 The Living Daylights’, the fifteenth in the series, the secret agent James Bond is sent to a country in Eastern Europe to aid the escape of the Russian General Georgi Koskov. Arriving in Bratislava, he also has to deal with a young cellist and finds that Koskov is actually a dealer in arms and drugs.
Would you ever have said that Passo Pramollo had hosted the most famous spy in the world? Here, in fact, some scenes of the film were filmed in 1987. Passo Pramollo is a major ski resort on the border between Austria and Italy, with 110 km of slopes and 30 ski lifts. The shots, taken at a temperature of -15 °, are used for an action sequence that represents the border between Austria and Czechoslovakia.




John Glen


Richard Maibaum, Micheal G.Wilson


Timothy Dalton, Maryam D’Abo