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Dark Evenings

‘Dark evenings’ can be considered the pièce de résistance of Tiziano Ferro. Second track from the album ‘111 One hundred and eleven’, the single was released on CD only in Spain and Germany, while in Italy it stayed at the top of the charts for nine weeks as the most played track on the radio.…

Sempre di Domenica

‘Sempre di Domenica’, the second single from the album ‘unò-dué’ - ‘One-Two’ - is a song by the Roman singer-songwriter Daniele Silvestri. Silvestri got Ago Panini to make this videoclip, shot entirely in Piazza del Teatro Giuseppe Verdi in Trieste city centre, just a few steps away from Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia. On the square,…

Goddess Music

‘Goddess Music’ from Piero Pelù, from the album ‘Soggetti Smarriti - Lost Subjects’ was shot in 2004 entirely in Trieste in the Rozzol Melara housing estate. The video is about a country ruled by a totalitarian regime where music is banned. The army has raided every house, burning or destroying anything related to the Goddess…

Solo un uomo

This title track of Niccolò Fabi’s album, ‘Solo un uomo’ was shot entirely in Trieste. The song tells the story of an ‘everyman’ who can live in any city. For this reason Fabi chose Trieste, which, despite its strong identity, is recognizable but at the same time ‘mistakable’. A curious fact: the song was rejected…

Simple emotions

Fourth and final single from Nek’s album ‘Un'altra direzione - Another direction’, the song ‘Simple emotions’ by Nek seems like a pop-rock song. The song is about a failed and melancholic love story. What better place than Trieste to shoot the videoclip? Made in the month of May, in the video you can recognize the…

Se ne dicon di parole

Giuliano Palma in a boat in the Gulf of Trieste. You don’t believe us? The artist filmed this videoclip radio smash hit in 2008. The beginning of the video was shot in the former Seamen’s mission - Casa del Lavoratore Portuale, which was transformed for the occasion into a recording company. Today it houses the…


‘Broken’ is the first single from the fourth album by the singer-songwriter Elisa Toffoli. The song, sounding decidedly acoustic, quickly became one of the top five of the best-selling singles in Italy. The videoclip was shot in the autumn of 2003 between Grado, Monfalcone (home town of the singer) and Trieste, which shows the Molo…

E adesso che tocca a me

‘E adesso che tocca a me’ was released in 2008 to coincide with the Vasco Rossi Live concert in Udine. Vasco stars in the videoclip. The video refers to the melancholic content of the song and was filmed entirely in Villa Dragoni, on the hills of Buttrio, in the province of Udine. Inside Villa Dragoni…
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