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Dark Evenings

‘Dark evenings’ can be considered the pièce de résistance of Tiziano Ferro. Second track from the album ‘111 One hundred and eleven’, the single was released on CD only in Spain and Germany, while in Italy it stayed at the top of the charts for nine weeks as the most played track on the radio. The videoclip was shot in black and white, all in Trieste. The backdrop to Tiziano Ferro walking can be recognized as the neighbourhood of Roiano, and in particular, the former factory of Stock, Piazza Hortis in the heart of Cavana, the Rozzol Melara neighbourhood and the prestigious literary Caffè San Marco. Founded in 1914, the place is famous for having always been one of the main venues of the city’s intellectuals. In fact, it is here that Svevo, Saba, Joyce, Stuparich, Giotti and Magris would come. Both the furniture and the decorative ethos of the Caffè San Marco reflect the style of the Viennese Secession.




Paolo Monico


Tiziano Ferro