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Julia and Julia

In an accident while on honeymoon, Julia loses the man she has just married. Six years later, she comes back to Trieste and her life undergoes a split, between real life and what could have been. In the role of Julia’s lover we recognize a young Sting. The first scene is set on Strada Belvedere, which today is considered the longest bike path along a lagoon in Europe, connecting Grado and Aquileia. Many interiors are shot in Trieste at the Hotel Savoy: considered the most elegant hotel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where still today from its windows you can enjoy a terrific view of the Gulf and Rive. The external shots are mainly in via Cassa di Risparmio (now a pedestrian area) near the Stock Exchange Building, where in the early 1900s the”Great Dreher Restaurant”stood, one of the most luxurious and interesting restaurants of that time. In the building opposite, however, the first movie theatre in the city was opened in 1905.




Peter Del Monte


Peter Del Monte


Kathleen Turner, Gabriele Ferzetti, Gabriel Byrne, Sting