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Soldiers – 365 to dawn

After the month of basic training, a group of draftees belonging to the third draft is transferred to a barracks in Friuli, on the border of the then Yugoslavia. The plot focuses on the relationship between Lieutenant Fili, a fanatic of strict military discipline, and Private Scanna, a lower-class Roman youth. Many of the scenes of life in the barracks were shot in the area of the Refugee Collection Centre in Padriciano, on the Trieste Karst, which today houses the Museum. Key stop on the “journey down memory lane”, for those who want to learn or know more about the dramatic exodus of refugees from the Julian – Dalmatian area. Today, in the lounge of the museum, you can see original newsreels of the time of the Exodus, which show the climate of terror and the fleeing of the persecuted Italians.




Marco Risi


Stefano Sudriè, Marco Risi, Marco Modugno, Furio Scarpelli


Claudio Amendola, Massimo Dapporto, Agostina Belli, Alessandro Benvenuti


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