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Ilaria Alpi – The Cruellest Day

History of the TG3 (Italian news channel) reporter, Ilaria Alpi played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno, who was killed in an ambush in Mogadishu on March 20, 1994. The film reconstructs the last month in the life of the journalist and of the cameraman of the Videoest (documentary maker) of Trieste, Miran Hrovatin, killed by a gunman while they were filming a report in Somalia.
Orgnani, half Friulian, filmed the first part of the film in Trieste as he was struck by the great variety and charm of the location. A week of filming, which saw the old part of the New Port of Trieste transformed into the port of Split. The Marco Lucchetta International Prize, organized by the Lucchetta Ota D’Angelo Hrovatin Foundation and RAI since 2004, is awarded for the best television reports and for those printed. The photographic section is dedicated to Hrovatin.




Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani


Fernando Vicentini Organi, Marcello Fois


Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Rade Serbedzija, Erika Blanc, Andrea Renzi, Francesco Carnelutti, Giovanni Visentin