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Per niente al mondo

Bernardo is a man who has everything in life: he is a chef waiting for his first Michelin star, he has charm, friends, and success. One day, however, he is arrested for criminal conspiracy; he is accused of being the criminal mastermind behind a gang of robbers that broke into several houses in the area, including that of his friend Stefano. It is a hard blow for Bernardo, a real nightmare, which will lead him to ask himself an existential question: “What are you willing to do to get back what has been taken from you?”. The protagonist will find himself at a crossroads in his life: either accept what happened and start anew, or try to go back and take back what he has lost. Western Friuli was chosen to represent that industrious but closed and sometimes icy North-East Friuli that is the set for the film, an area rich in natural beauty and ancient traditions, theatre of one of the greatest Italian tragedies of recent decades.

Some scenes, in fact, are shot on the Vajont dam, sadly famous for the disaster of which it was the protagonist. Another location for the film is the Magredi, an area in the western Friulian plain, located at the point where the waters of the Cellina and Meduna streams sink into the aquifer. Despite the very gravelly soil, which in summer appears arid and barren, almost burned by the sun, in reality the area is rich in flora and fauna. Among the animals, birds are certainly the masters: from large birds of prey to cranes, larks and storks. The symbol of the Magredi is the stone-curlew, a bird that nests on the ground and has a plumage that allows it to easily camouflage itself in the surrounding environment.




Ciro D’Emilio


Ciro D’Emilio, Cosimo Calamini


Guido Caprino, Boris Isakovic, Irene Casagrande, Antonio Zavatteri, Diego Ribon