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Io vivo altrove!

The protagonists of this comedy, Franco Biasutti and Franco Perbellini, have two things in common: a passion for photography and a hatred of life in the city: this commonality is established from their very first meeting, a trip for lovers of photos and landscapes. The great opportunity for a change in life comes when Fausto Biasutti inherits the house of his grandmother Adele in Varvana – in reality Valle, a hamlet of Faedis –, on the hills of eastern Friuli. Full of enthusiasm, the two set off towards what they consider a new beginning, but will have to deal with the hostility of the locals. Even Fausto’s grandmother spoke ill of her grandson to the villagers: prejudices about citizens, in peripheral areas, are difficult to eradicate. Overcoming this mistrust will be a very complex challenge for the two friends…

The village where the two decide to move to is located in the Soffumbergo Valley, a green balcony, 680 meters above sea level, offering a magnificent view over the entire Friulian plain. Suitable routes for hikers of all levels start from here; some trails are suitable for mountain bike lovers, without sacrificing contact with nature. A real tourist attraction in this area is the traditional “Chestnut and Chestnut Honey Festival”, an event that celebrates the “poor” fruit of the Friulian woods and its thousands of uses in the kitchen.




Giuseppe Battiston


Giuseppe Battiston, Marco Pettenello


Giuseppe Battiston, Rolando Ravello, Teco Celio, Diane Fleri, Ariella Reggio