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Diplomatic Courier

Thriller set after the end of the 2nd World War on a train from Salzburg – Trieste where US and Soviet agents fight to get a valuable micro-photographed document hidden in a gold watch. Among the first shots, we see the Trieste Central Station. Opposite the main entrance there is Piazza della Libertà (Liberty Square), with the monument to Empress Elisabeth. It was made ​​from bronze and Carrara marble at the end of the nineteenth century with funds raised spontaneously by the people, who were distraught at the death of their beloved Sissi. One of the most famous scenes is a chase along the steps of the Roman Theatre, which is unchanged since when, in the first century BC, it would have held up to 3,500 spectators. Over the centuries the amphitheatre of Trieste was hidden by the housing that was built on it and it was only brought to light in 1938, when some of the old city was knocked down.




Henry Hataway


Casey Robinson, Liam O’Brien


Tyrone Power, Patricia Neal, Stephen McNally