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Holy Cow!

Primo Baffo (First Mustache), an overworked cabaret singer, is sent to the front in spite of having done everything possible to be rejected for military service. The first day, after a few kilometers, he meets a girl – Marianna – who, with the help of an accomplice, Tomo Secondo, robs him of his clothes and personal effects. Thus he begins a private war against these two cheating peasants. The film is set in the hot days of the conflict between Austria and Italy. The main characters are Laura Antonelli and Renato Pozzetto
The film was shot entirely in the valleys of Carnia. Among the sets the director chose the town of Venzone which was destroyed by the earthquake and where the debris appeared to be just the ruins of war, Sauris, Pozzis – one of the 10 ghost villages in Friuli – and Pesariis, famous for the production of clocks since the seventeenth century, in which the Monumental Clock route that runs through the picturesque village streets can be admired.




Pasquale Festa Campanile


Massimo De Rita


Renato Pozzetto, Laura Antonelli, Aldo Maccione, Raymond Pellegrin