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Diabolik – Ginko all’attacco!

The second season of the King of Terror born from the imagination of the Giussani sisters, which sees him once again opposing the cunning detective Ginko. In this new cinematic tale, Diabolik manages to steal the precious Armen crown and, a few months later, also the remaining jewels of the collection used for a show. The latter, however, have been soaked in a radioactive substance by the inspector, who thus manages to find the thief’s lair. Diabolik flees, abandoning his partner and lover, Eva Kant, to her fate. The woman manages to save herself by throwing herself into a river and, to take revenge for her treacherous love, gets in touch with Ginko, who in the meantime is struggling with his secret relationship with the Countess Althea, to whom she proposes an agreement to capture Diabolik.

Trieste is the absolute protagonist of this film from the very first scenes; the scene in which Diabolik climbs the sanctuary of Monte Grisa – transformed for the occasion into the museum of Clerville – is really breath-taking. The National Temple dedicated to Mary Queen Mother is located north of the city, 330 meters above sea level. The hill on which it was built offers a panoramic view of the gulf and the Julian capital.

Did you know that its particular shape, which earned it the nickname of “the cheese triangle” given to it by the Triestini, is actually designed to remember the M, the initial of the Virgin? Those who want to see the treasures of a real museum can visit the Revoltella museum in Trieste, the  ancient home of the homonymous baron, who bequeathed his house to the city, along with all the works, furniture and books it contained. Nowadays, it hosts exhibitions and was the first Gallery of Modern Art established in Italy. Since 2023 its offering has been enriched by an exhibition that enhances the extraordinary sculptural heritage kept by the Museum.




Manetti Bros (Marco e Antonio Manetti)


Manetti Bros, Michelangelo La Neve


Giacomo Gianniotti, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastrandrea