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The mountains of Sauris are the impressive setting for this dramatic and at the same time ironic film. Calogero is on the witness protection program after witnessing a Mafia murder in Sicily. With a new identity and longing for his family, he is sent to Sauris in a residence called “Paradise” and discovers that the murderer he reported is there too. Sauris is one of the most fascinating villages in Friuli Venezia Giulia, rich in naturalistic and cultural aspects: called Zahre in the local dialect, which is a Germanic language of the southern Bavarian group that is still spoken here. The Nordic style is also noticeable in the craftsmanship and in the picturesque stone and wooden houses that were built using the blockbau technique. Try the ham and the typical Zahre beer and enjoy the scenes from the film!




Davide Del Degan


Andrea Magnani


Vincenzo Nemolato, Giovanni Calcagno, Katarina Čas, Branko Završan, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Selene Caramazza