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Different From Whom?

Piero is a young homosexual politician in love with Remo, with whom he lives. When he is a candidate in municipal elections he is teamed up with Adele, a moderate and conservative colleague. The relationship between the two quickly turns into a strong attraction. Remo finds himself to be the third wheel. Excited by the versatility and beauty of the area, Cattleya chose Trieste as the location: the Grand Canal, the indoor market, the hall of the Municipal Council, the waterfront and the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, where in 1768, J.J. Winckelmann, archaeologist, art historian and one of the fathers of neoclassicism was assassinated. Finally, we see the Municipal Baths in via Paolo Veronese, the last public baths of their kind and a perfect place to evoke the Trieste of 1912.




Umberto Carteni


Fabio Bonifacci


Luca Argentero, Claudia Gerini, Filippo Nigro, Antonio Catania