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Scappo a casa

In this comedy, fate turns against Michele, a superficial and racist mechanic who shows off on social media of his success. He discriminates against everyone until a trip to Budapest changes everything. The fact that one of the most multicultural places in Friuli Venezia Giulia was chosen for a film on prejudice is no accident. In particular, Camporosso in Valcanale is a charming mountain village in the province of Tarvisio and a crossroads on the border with Austria and Slovenia. The Friulian Dolomites are unforgettable, especially when viewed from the top of Mount Lussari. Many traditions are still upheld in this village, including the Krampus Parade: the Krampus are demonic figures associated with the folk figure of Saint Nicholas. From Bavaria to Switzerland, from Trentino South Tyrol to Friuli-Venezia Giulia: the terrible Krampus Parade is an event that you have to attend at least once in your life, perhaps with a cup of hot mulled wine in your hand.




Enrico Lando


Morgan Bertacca, Valerio Bariletti e Aldo Baglio


Aldo Baglio, Angela Finocchiaro, Jackie Ido