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Alessandro Tiberi plays a double role: that of the two twin brothers Damiano and Chicco, physically identical, but very different in character. Damiano is a listless, rigid, and fussy manager while Chicco is a driver with a free soul. The brothers loathe each other until they are forced to come closer by their father Cesare: in order to get the family inheritance, they must live each other’s life for a month. This reversal of roles will lead them to understand each other… Among the locations are Villa Gorgo in the town of Nogaredo al Torre (UD) and Bagni Lanterna in Trieste. The first is a historic residence built in 1755 by the Gorgo Counts in the heart of Nogaredo. The “Bagni Lanterna” are the meeting point of the “riders” of the film: this sea establishment is also called “Pedocin” by the inhabitants and is considered to be “the last remaining wall in Europe”. A white wall determines the division both on the beach and in the sea. The history of this facility goes back to the end of the 19th century, when Trieste was still under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. This separation does not exist today for the same reasons as in the past, but for the freedom that bathers of both sexes seek. “So that we don’t argue,” as the bathers themselves joke in this video.

Would you like to see this historic establishment with your own eyes?




Riccardo Donna


Alessandro Tiberi, Andrea Bosca, Roberto Citran, Aurora Ruffino


Alessandro Sermoneta, Giacomo Bisanti, Matteo Visconti, Caterina Salvadori