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“Easy” is a nickname for Isidoro, who had to leave his racing career because of his weight gain. One day his brother asks him a special favour: a Ukrainian worker had died on the job and the body must be discreetly carried back to Ukraine. Easy now has the opportunity to drive again … a hearse. Among the various locations, the Matteotti Bridge is remarkable: since 1936 it has connected Grado with the mainland in the direction of Belvedere-Aquileia. Did you know that Grado was once only accessible by boat? So, imagine the crucial role this bridge plays in the logistical, commercial and cultural development of this coastal city with Venetian charm. The bridge is also flanked by a cycle path that leads to the Alpe Adria, a 415 km-long path that ends in Austria. Watching the film will lead you to discover the most authentic places in Friuli Venezia Giulia, even by bike!




Andrea Magnani


Andrea Magnani


Nicola Nocella, Barbara Bouchet, Libero De Rienzo, Lorenzo Acquaviva, Ostap Stupka, Veronika Shostak