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Mother Teresa

‘Mother Teresa’ is a television mini-series in two episodes aired on RaiUno (italian first national tv channel) and BBC ONE that traces the milestones of the life of a nun, from her hometown to her exhausting work with the poor of Calcutta and, later, with the rest of the world. The drama, starring Olivia Hussey, was shot in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The director Fabrizio Costa chose Trieste and Pordenone as sets. Thus, he transformed the Verdi Opera Theatre and the Prefecture building of Trieste into the Nobel Institute in Oslo, where Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For a few days, Valvasone, a little town in the province of Pordenone becomes Skopje – the birthplace of Mother Teresa – in Macedonia in the 1920s. Valvasone is bordered by the long Tagliamento River, which divides the provinces of Udine and Pordenone. Since 1999, Pordenone, the provincial capital, has hosted ‘PordenoneLegge’ the great book festival held every year in September that brings big names of contemporary literature to the town.




Fabrizio Costa


Franesco Scardamaglia, Massimo Cerofolini


Olivia Hussey, Sebastiano Somma, Laura Morante