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A Case of Conscience 4

Taken from a short story by Leonardo Sciascia, the film tells the story of a young lawyer who decides to leave his job to help the most vulnerable and needy. The series has now reached its fifth chapter (in progress) and is set and filmed in Trieste, where for the purposes of the story, the seat of the Prefecture becomes the Court of Trieste, while the interior of the Palazzo Gopcevich, overlooking the Ponterosso canal, becomes the lawyer’s chambers. The protagonist, Rocco Tasca, is played by Sebastiano Somma. Among the locations used in Trieste are the waterfront, the Grignano marina, Villa Revoltella and some areas of the Karst. Shooting also occurs at Villa Gallici Deciani (Cassacco, Udine), at the Castle of Spessa near Gorizia which, in 1773, hosted the writer Giacomo Casanova and in Cave del Predil, about 10 miles south of Tarvisio, which is a perfect example of a city built around its main source of income (mining) from the Companies that have taken over the management of the mining site.




Luigi Perelli


Andrea Purgatori, James Carrington, Angelo Pasquini, Laura Ippoliti


Sebastiano Somma, Barbara Livi, Loredana Cannata, Stephan Danailov, Imma Piro, Giorgio Lupano, Vanessa Gravina


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