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NOVA GORICA-GORIZIA “European Capital of Culture 2025”

It’s official: Gorizia and Nova Gorica will be the 2025 European Capital of Culture!

A symbol of the results achieved to date since the end of the borders: “with this victory”, declares Tiziana Sandrinelli President of FAI Friuli Venezia Giulia, “our territory will have a unique opportunity to show itself to the world, enhancing its essence as an absolutely particular mix of Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian history, and of art and traditions that have intertwined over the centuries.”
The cultural, gastronomic, tourist and social wealth of this area is also demonstrated by the number of  directors who have chosen it as a set. From the city of Gorizia to the most evocative places of Cormons and the Collio area, there are numerous places that you can admire in the productions by Matteo Oleotto, Andrea Magnani, Oliver Hirschbiegel and other great filmmakers!