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Il silenzio dell’acqua 2

The second season of the TV series starring Giorgio Pasotti and Ambra Angiolini begins with the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Sara and her teenage son in their home. The woman’s youngest daughter, Giulia, who is only six years old, wanders around the woods near town in shock. The suspicion immediately falls on Sara’s ex-husband Rocco. Luisa (Ambra Angiolini), after the loss of her child, will become very attached to the little orphan Giulia. The setting is the same as in the first season, i.e., the fictional town of Castel Marciano, which is actually represented by the landscapes of Duino, Sistiana and Muggia. The latter is a sea-facing town almost on the border with Slovenia and one of the few examples of Istrian-Venetian architecture in the region. It is impossible not to be enchanted by the marina and the narrow streets that characterise the oldest part. Muggia will satisfy even the sportiest: less than 2 km away, at the mouth of the Rio Ospo, lies the beginning of the Parenzana, one of the most famous European cycle routes. About 130 km from coast to coast, from the Gulf of Trieste to the small harbour of Porec (Croatia).




Pier Belloni


Luca Merlini


Giorgio Pasotti, Ambra Angiolini, Claudio Castrogiovanni