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Volevo fare la rockstar

A 27-year-old girl gets into an existential crisis and decides to realize her childhood dream of becoming a rock star. Olivia’s decision will also shake those around her, including her brother Eros. The story takes place in the fictional town of Caselonghe, made up of parts of Cormons, Gorizia and also the village of Mossa. Historically inhabited by the Romans, its origins actually go back to the Neolithic. This pretty village in the province of Gorizia introduces you to the Collio region: flat areas and typical products, here nature and taste meet to regenerate you with their beauty! Read Sabrina Pellizon’s experience in the Preval Valley, which you can find on the FVG Live Experience blog:




Matteo Oleotto


Alessandro Sermoneta, Andrea Agnello, Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Visconti, Giacomo Bisanti


Giuseppe Battiston, Valentina Bellè, Riccardo Maria manera, Angela Finocchiaro, Emanuela Grimalda.