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La Porta Rossa 2

In this second season, the Police Commissioner Cagliostro stays in the world of the living and keeps an eye on Jonas, the man who woke up after thirty years in a coma. Cagliostro attends while his wife Anna gives birth, but his joy is broken by a vision of his daughter… The “Porta Rossa” was the longest production ever filmed in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Did you notice the peculiarity of the neighbourhood Vanessa lives in? This is the “Quadrilatero di Melara”, a single, large architectural organism characteristic of the 1970s and inspired by Le Corbusier’ s concept of collective abode. Not just Trieste: some scenes were also shot in Cormons, namely on the Angoris estate in Villa Locatelli. The Locatelli family are involved in sustainable wine production in the region’s three hilly DOC areas and the residence has been in the Locatelli family for 371 years. If you are passing through, wine tasting is definitely a must!




Carmine Elia


Carlo Lucarelli, Giampiero Rigosi, Sofia Assirelli, Michele Cogo, Davide Orsini


Lino Guanciale, Gabriella Pession, Valentina Romani, Fauso Maria Sciarappa