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Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupé

The streets of Trieste are the backdrop to the ad, which has never been shown in Italy. The elegant and modern car parade, the first light of morning, the city’s waterfront on the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, full of mirrors and reflections. Among the images, the entrance of the Sandrinelli tunnel going through the Montuzza hill can be glimpsed. Above it the Scala dei Giganti, called “The Steps of the Friars”. Even today at the top of the steps there is a fountain: in the shape of a simple shell which harks back to the symbol of a fascio – divided into three parts intended to collect green, white and red water (evocative of the Italian flag) during the evenings when Benito Mussolini stayed in Trieste in 1938. It should have been demolished at the end of his stay, but it wasn’t.




Christopher Sweeney