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Spessa Castle from film set to open-air theater

The Castle of Spessa has repeatedly been chosen as an ideal set for filming movies, TV series and commercials from both Italy and abroad. A place rich in history, beauty and culture that has served as the backdrop for numerous RAI TV dramas such as: I Wanted to be a Rock Star, The Border, Marry Me and A Case of Conscience.

The Castle is a perfect example of how to enhance the landscape aspects of an area by transforming it into a place of culture. In fact, since last year, thanks to the owners of these spaces, the cultural offerings have been expanded with the establishment of the Teatro di Verzura.

The theater is an open-air space that blends perfectly between nature and the surrounding landscape, becoming an ideal location for musical productions as well, a true outdoor summer stage. It is an incredibly unique venue: with its typical elements of 18th-century Italian gardens, the grassy tiers carved into the hillside, and the raised lawn that serves as a stage. The natural and immense backdrop surrounded by greenery is the beautiful Collio landscape.

This summer the theater will host Vincenzo Bellini’s operaLa Sonnambula” in a double bill on July 4 and 6, 2023. Mark your dates for this unique opportunity where you can admire the historic mansion, immerse yourself in the nature of the Teatro di Verzura and listen to the most anticipated event of the 16th Piccolo Opera Festival.

A tribute to Maria Callas-who of Bellini’s masterpiece, which she loved so much, was an unparalleled interpreter-and, at the same time, a look to the future. The stars of the opera, in fact, will be young and promising artists: conducting an emerging signature, the Italo-Slovenian Igor Zobin. The cast of young and already credited soloists includes Nina Dominko as Amina, Riccardo Benlodi as Elvino, and Alessandro Abis as Count Rodolfo.

Also new signatures are those of directors Vanessa Codutti (from Friuli, born in 1992 and already very active in the opera directing field) and Marialuisa Baffunno (a graduate of the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and then the Accademia della Scala). The two directors won the prestigious Europäischer Opernregie-Preis for emerging young directors.

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