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Alessandro Tiberi plays a double role: that of the two twin brothers Damiano and Chicco, physically identical, but very different in character. Damiano is a listless, rigid, and fussy manager while Chicco is a driver with a free soul. The brothers loathe each other until they are forced to come closer by their father Cesare:…

The Great War

Masterpiece in the history of cinema, the film is an ironic and poignant portrait of life in the trenches during the First World War. Starring Oreste Jacovacci and Giovanni Busacca as soldiers stripped of rhetoric, coward-heroes. It attracted a lot of controversy over its content and hard-hitting viewpoint. Thousands of real soldiers were provided by…

La Porta Rossa

The series takes place in Trieste. Inspector Leonardo Cagliostro grapples with the most complicated case of his career: the investigation into his own murder. The man was killed during a police operation. Instead of going through the Red Door that separates life from death, he decides to stay in the earthly world. One of the…


"Easy" is a nickname for Isidoro, who had to leave his racing career because of his weight gain. One day his brother asks him a special favour: a Ukrainian worker had died on the job and the body must be discreetly carried back to Ukraine. Easy now has the opportunity to drive again ... a…


The mountains of Sauris are the impressive setting for this dramatic and at the same time ironic film. Calogero is on the witness protection program after witnessing a Mafia murder in Sicily. With a new identity and longing for his family, he is sent to Sauris in a residence called "Paradise" and discovers that the…

Scappo a casa

In this comedy, fate turns against Michele, a superficial and racist mechanic who shows off on social media of his success. He discriminates against everyone until a trip to Budapest changes everything. The fact that one of the most multicultural places in Friuli Venezia Giulia was chosen for a film on prejudice is no accident.…


The film was inspired by a true story: Vincent is an autistic boy who suddenly meets his father. The two begin a tour of the Balkans that turns into a journey of mutual discovery. In the different scenes you can also take a look at the typical villages of the Karst plateau, including Monrupino. …

Mai scherzare con le stelle

Ines is a young psychologist with a temporary job as a garbage woman, a passion for horoscopes and the tendency to tell lies. Alfredo is an engineering researcher developing a robot that can intercept human tastes and desires. They live in the same building and don't like it at first, but circumstances will bring them…

Thou Shalt Not Hate

Simone Segre is a surgeon and the son of a Holocaust survivor. His past haunts him when he refuses to help a victim of a car accident who has a swastika tattoo on his chest. He tries to alleviate his guilt and seeks the victim’s relatives. The film was shot in autumn 2019 and is…

Tolo Tolo

"Tolo Tolo" is considered an ironic portrayal of the Italian bureaucracy and the situation of migrants. It was also the most successful film to be shown in Italian cinemas during 2020. After the failure of his restaurant, Checco flees to Nigeria to start a new life, but suddenly war breaks out and he and…


This new film, like the one by the same name directed by Mario Bava in 1967, is also inspired by the 1962 comic. The surprise is the story itself; one of the directors explains: "To really tell the story of Diabolik, it is impossible not to say anything about Eva Kant. She will be a…
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