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Back in 1856, in the San Tommaso district, as the current Via Ristori was once called, there was a tavern that bore the sign Alla Speranza (Hope) as it offered accommodation to foreigners visiting the ducal city. At the time, the now legendary Tilde reigned in the kitchen and very successfully ran the restaurant which was renowned especially among hunters and appreciated by all patrons, who also found a cheerful atmosphere and a forge of playful moments. For the next thirty years, starting from 1959, the inn was known by the name Al Fogolar (Fireplace, in local dialect). The Pavan family took over in 1990 and changed the sign to Al Monastero (Monastery), drawing inspiration from the conformation of the building, where the many round openings, clearly visible in the internal courtyard, would seem to suggest an archaic monastic structure.


Particular attention has been paid in the various renovations by Giuseppe Pavan, not only with food and wine in mind, but also to the conservation and enhancement of the unique architectural peculiarities of the ancient site, the niche on the external façade in which Santa Maria dei Battuti, San Tommaso and San Donato are depicted, and the walls frescoed by Jacum Pitôr.

Al Monastero
La Taverna di Bacco

Cividale del Friuli (Udine)

The “Holiday Apartments” are located on the same premises as the restaurant, ideal for spending an unforgettable holiday in the heart of Cividale with the convenience of a kitchenette, the warmth of a mezzanine, and the beauty of a medieval courtyard.