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La Porta Rossa 2

In this second season, the Police Commissioner Cagliostro stays in the world of the living and keeps an eye on Jonas, the man who woke up after thirty years in a coma. Cagliostro attends while his wife Anna gives birth, but his joy is broken by a vision of his daughter… The “Porta Rossa” was…

Il silenzio dell’acqua

The series begins with the disappearance of 16-year-old Laura Mancini. The investigation is led by the deputy boss Andrea Baldini together with his colleagues Dino and Luisa Ferrari. The story takes place in the fictional town of Castel Marciano, which actually corresponds to the Duino, Sistiana and Muggia landscapes in the province of Trieste. A…

Volevo fare la rockstar

A 27-year-old girl gets into an existential crisis and decides to realize her childhood dream of becoming a rock star. Olivia's decision will also shake those around her, including her brother Eros. The story takes place in the fictional town of Caselonghe, made up of parts of Cormons, Gorizia and also the village of Mossa.…

Il silenzio dell’acqua 2

The second season of the TV series starring Giorgio Pasotti and Ambra Angiolini begins with the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Sara and her teenage son in their home. The woman's youngest daughter, Giulia, who is only six years old, wanders around the woods near town in shock. The suspicion immediately falls on Sara's…

Volevo fare la Rockstar 2

In this second season the protagonists grapple with new problems and Olivia's life becomes more complicated. Will our characters be able to find a balance and make their dreams come true? A charming place in this second season is the ancient “Amideria Chiozza” in Perteole in the municipality of Ruda (Udine). The starch factory was…

A Love And Revenge

Loosely based on ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, the drama tells the story of Lorenzo Berman (Alessandro Preziosi), who gets into trouble because of some friends. His life is driven by revenge and one day he comes back with a new identity just to take back what is his and destroy all the others, including…

There was once a city of fools

The city of fools: the asylum. With all its weight of horror and cruelty, the director takes us to places of segregation and concealment where the ‘mentally ill’ are forgotten. It’s a film based on the work of Basaglia, the man who gave his name to the Law (No. 180), which closed the italian…

Commissioner Laurenti

A series of tales intended for the German public, drawn from the best-selling German writer of crime stories Veit Heinichen. The protagonist is Proteo Laurenti, a police officer who moved from Salerno to Trieste. And it is Trieste, with its complexity and multiculturalism, which acts as the main background. Among the city's locations: the questure…


Jennifer, a young English lady, marries the respectable widower Max De Winter and moves into his mansion, Manderley. Here she immediately clashes with the ghost of Rebecca, the first wife of Max, and Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper who lives worshipping the memory of the deceased. In two parts, the RaiUno film starring Alessio Boni and…

A Case of Conscience 2

Taken from a short story by Leonardo Sciascia, the film tells the story of a young lawyer who decides to leave his job to help the most vulnerable and needy. The series has now reached its fifth chapter (in progress) and is set and filmed in Trieste, where for the purposes of the story, the…
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